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Hello boys and girls... This is my new blog. Disclaimer...These are my feelings and thoughts. I apoloogize if you are offended but I will not apologize for my opinions....READ WITH CAUTION
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:: May 22, 2002 ::

I I hate school, I hate people, I hate french, i hate unsensitive teachers i hate being in this situation I hate complaining i hate being alone, i hate the computer, i hate having bad days I hate living in mass. I hate paying stupid shit, I hat emy father. I hate my mother I hate doing work I hate cleaning I hate life, I hate thinking i hate people
:: marla 5/22/2002 08:32:00 PM [+] ::
:: May 11, 2002 ::
Hello Boys and Girls,
Guess what happened last night. Krystle decided she wanted to meet J.... so whatever. She called him and he came over with some pot and whatever. Anyway krystle left for a minute and comes to find out his little ho's have been saying he took my virginity.Or wait no supposedly I have been telling people this...okay ya kno opposed to me already not being a virgin when we started hooking up /...shhh dont tell him that. Or me telling him no five times including last nite. I HATE HIGH SCHOOL AND THIS PETTY BULLSHIT! FUCK HIM
:: marla 5/11/2002 01:34:00 PM [+] ::
:: May 09, 2002 ::
I have a new journal due to some issues so I made the other one private. It is the same me!!! Anyway on to my day...tomorrow is senior skip day i really want to sleep coz im going to pass out like in a minute, I went to subway for lunch and it was yummy but now im stuffed... Only like 6 days of school left and I am gonna be done fuck yea!!!! Last night I was at Kayla's house with jo,erin,mattie,kristen,amanda and ashley... opps and stephy cant forget her. It was semi interesting we had a meeting for the prom and limo and crap i still have to get my hair done... i cant wait to get my contacts thats gonna be the bomb lol more to come later kids!
:: marla 5/09/2002 02:48:00 PM [+] ::

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